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Fulgens is a data services and consulting company committed to providing you with novel insights and guidance in your data analysis needs. Fulgens operates across the spectrum of exploratory analysis of large unstructured data often found in healthcare through data processing and normalization challenges common in bioinformatics. Refer to the demonstration work below for a peek into some of Fulgens’ capabilities, including wrangling medical records, statistical analysis in high-dimensions, and predictive modeling through time-based neural networks.


Data analytics

Advanced statistical modeling for novel data insights.

Data visualization

Intuitive and clear depictions of your data’s story.

Clinical informatics

Actionable findings from large and unstructured clinical data.

Bioinformatic support

Data processing, normalization, and visualization specific to gene expression, proteomic, and metabolomic data.


Example projects.

Exploratory analysis of synthetic health records

Metabolomic data processing and feature selection pipeline

The team

Seth Rhoades, Ph.D.

Seth Rhoades, Ph.D.

Lives in Cambridge, MA

I am a trained scientist in pharmacology and clinical informatics, with particular experience in metabolomics, bioinformatics, and research in electronic health records. I enjoy exploring new statistical learning approaches and data visualization techniques.

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