Fulgens Consulting
Building, Measuring, Learning in bioanalytical and clinical informatical sectors


Fulgens is a data services and consulting company operating across bioprocessing, bioinformatic, and clinical research sectors. Core competencies include assay design and design of experiments optimization for bioanalytical and process development, with particular depth in metabolic analysis. Fulgens illuminates the entire pipeline, whether it be experimental design guidance, biocomputational software development, bespoke bioinformatic processing capabilities, or in-depth metabolomic profiling and identification. Fulgens’ capabilities also include clinical data wrangling, processing, and research, including biometrics analysis often found in eletronic health records



Assay design, molecular/phenotype characterization, metabolite, identification, flux analysis

Custom bioinformatics

Bespoke data processing pipelines, bioinformatic and process software development

Clinical informatics

Unstructured clinical data processing, variable extraction, original research

Experimental Design

Bioprocess parameterization, experimental design factoring, design of experiments


Exploratory analysis of synthetic health records

Metabolomic data processing and feature selection pipeline